Professor Ben Hankamer

is the Director of the Centre for Solar Biotechnology at The University of Queensland. His team is  focused on developing solar powered green-algae and cyanobacterial technologies that tap into the energy resource of the sun to power solar powered biotechnologies and industries to secure a more sustainable future. This technology has significant marine biotechnology applications. The Centre which includes ~30 international teams couples expertise from genome sequencing through to techno-economic and life-cycle analysis to fast track systems optimisation and scale up. Collectively the work of Centre for Solar Biotechnology aims to support the development of new job opportunities, sustainable regional development, export industries and a more sustainable future.

Eva Andresson photo.jpg

Dr Eva Andersson


is a principal scientist in the research group of Reproduction and Developmental Biology at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway. Her research focuses on environmental and endocrine control mechanisms in determining sexual maturation and puberty in Atlantic salmon and other farmed fish species. IMR is a National governmental institute and the main advisor to the Norwegian fisheries authorities about sustainability and welfare of farmed fish. With more than 800 employees and a budget of more than 1 billion NOK/yr, IMR is the largest marine research institute in Norway with the main role to provide Research and Advice on marine living resources, environment, and aquaculture. 

Professor Rocky de Nys

 is Professor of Aquaculture within the College of Science and Engineering at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. He works broadly across the fields of algal biology, chemistry and aquaculture. Rocky leads a multidisciplinary industry-focused research team developing the integrated culture of macroalgae in waste waters for bioremediation and bio-products.

Dr Xiaoke Hu

is a Professor at Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), serves as an Associate Director of the Department of Coastal Biology and Bioresource Utilization from 2013. She has established the Laboratory of Marine Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology. Researches in her Laboratory employ approaches from traditional techniques through high-throughput sequencing of metagenomes and proteomes, and focus upon understanding that (1) the structure and function of the marine microbial loop and how it relates to biogeochemical function on biodegradation of pollutants, (2) the anthropogenic impacts in the sea and marine pollutions and the marine pollution ecology changes. She has published 71 research articles and 5 book chapters. She has been awarded the prize of the Science and Technology Innovation Award from the Shandong Province of China (2004), Marine Science and Technology Innovation from the State Oceanic Administration of China (2005), and the Natural Science Award of Yantai City, China (2016). 

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Professor Song Qin

is Professor of Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the vice chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) of Yantai. He is former President of Asia Pacific Society for Apply Phycology (APSAP) and former President of Asia Pacific Society of Marine Biotechnology (APSMB). Now he serves as the
 vice chairman of International Marine Biotechnology Association (IMBA). Prof. Qin has near 30 years of research experience in seaweed and microalgae in topics ranging from genomics, evolution, genetic engineering, biosynthesis of phycobiliproteins, lipids and carotenoids, bio-energy from seaweeds and microalgae, and interdisciplinary research on molecular oceanography collaborated with worldwide colleagues. He has authored or co-authored over 200 research articles and book chapters. Prof. Qin is on the editorial boards of Marine Biotechnology (Springer), Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology(Springer), and other academic journals. He received the Inter Academy Panel Award to Young Scientists in 2009, 1st Class Innovation Achievements Award of State Ocean Administration of China. Prof. Qin served as Conference Director of 9th International Marine Biotechnology Conference (IMBC2010) in Qingdao, China and is the convener of 1st International Conference on Coastal Biotechnology (ICCB2011) in Adelaide, Australia.